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Meetings - Asbury Academy faculty meetings take place in August, September, November, December, February, March, May and June on the first Tuesday of the month.  

 Monthly Progress Reports - We require monthly attendance and progress report. Asbury Academy keeps your monthly progress report forms and end of year report as part of your student's transcript file.  We encourage you to keep clear records for college admissions as well as for transferring to another school. When a school requests your transcripts, we'll send them out promptly.  

End of Year Report - Asbury Academy uses your End of Year Report to complete a transcript. If your child transfers to a new school or applies to college, the transcript is sent to the new school when requested. 

 Adult Supervision -  Students homeschooling with us are expected to be supervised by an adult during the day. 

Attendance -  We keep a record of attendance as per Alabama Law (http://www.legislature.state.al.us/CODEOFALABAMA/1975/128393.htm) 
 We strongly encourage you to school at least 180 days.  School attendance for homeschoolers can take place during the summer. Many of our parents do this to take advantage of kinder weather conditions at other times of the year.

Tuition -  Asbury Academy tuition is $275 per year per family.  11 payments of $25 a month is acceptable.  There is a late fee if tuition is later than 7 days after the first Tuesday of the month.