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NOTICE: For the 2020-2021 school year, we will be meeting online. You'll be given a schedule and directions as to how to do this when you sign up with Asbury Academy.

Unless otherwise announced, our meetings are held on the first Tuesday in August, September, November, December, February, March, May and June.  The meetings provide extra information and support for the homeschooling families plus a chance to meet friends, find mentors and ask questions. Homeschooling is a learning process that never ends. Even the oldest veterans in our group learn new skills and gain new information at our meetings.

The library will not be available for the coming schooling year, 2020-2021. We will hold all meetings online. But you will be given a multitude of ideas for resources at each meeting. We will provide ideas for hands on activities, suggestions for curriculum, and active help for parents with questions. The September, February, March and May meetings are opportunities for our students to share what they've been doing in the form of a project, a report, a display, etc... In September we have "Literature and Writing Night" where students share projects pertaining to their favorite books. February is set aside for "Arts Night". Our children share art they've created. Some perform music, dance and plays. Some share reports on the arts.  In March we have "Social Studies Night". Students bring in projects and reports having to do with history, geography, cultures, etc.   In May the children share what they've learned in science at "Science Night".  These nights are opportunities for our children to share their enthusiasm for learning with their friends as well as the adults. We encourage participation whether the child has a small report or a BIG project. 
For photos of  project nights click here.