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The following are helpful links for new homeschoolers and veteran homeschoolers alike.

homeschool resources     What works best with the learning style of your child? Simply Charlottemason describes five homeschooling styles at https://simplycharlottemason.com/five-homeschooling-styles/  

homeschool resources     This is a free ebook with more about getting started with homeschooling as well as more about Charlotte Mason  

homeschool resources     And one more Charlotte Mason link that also offers free books. If you go to the home page you'll also find free curriculum suggestions for grades k-11 Ambleside has a terrific booklist for teaching history in particular.

homeschool resources       Free classical e-books online

homeschool resources     Khan academy offers free video lessons in all high school math classes and science clases as well as some college courses. And excellent resource.  

homeschool resources     PBS offers free media content and teaching resources for k-12 learners. We've found Nova, American Experience, Nature and other programing to be excellent aids in making learning interesting and exciting.  

homeschool resources     National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (For Math)  

homeschool resources     More Online Manipulatives for Math. Manipulatives make abstract concepts easier to understand and more concrete. "Math For America" has a number of great pages I encourage you to explore.  

homeschool resources     Learning styles inventory. Fill out the questionnaire with your child in mind to get an idea as to what the learning style of your child might be. Questionnaire is not meant to rigidly classify a learner but to give educators ideas how what best works for individual children.