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Asbury Academy offers a homeschool library               About our library

Asbury Academy offers a library to faculty members.  The library contains teaching resources and home schooling resources for all grades (even some pre-k).  You'll find resources for teaching all subjects and topics. The resources cover an array of homeschooling approaches from eclectic to classical.  We like our parents to make good use of our library. Laura McKenzie is our librarian and assisting her is Kemi Brooks. They are both veteran homeschoolers and are happy to help you find what you need. Laura has been homeschooling for 23 years and has been teaching children for 29 years. She can point you to resources outside of our library too.



*You must be an ADULT member of Asbury Academy to check out resources.
* Books may be checked out until the next scheduled meeting.
* Books are available to be checked out during the meetings.

*The library is open at 6:30 until the meeting begins. Please do not check out books during the meeting. The library is open after the meeting for at least a half an hour. No one is sent away without books so sometimes the library stays open longer.
* Parents must replace lost or damaged items. Reproducible books written in or pages torn out are considered damaged.
* There is a limit of six library items that may be checked out at one time.
* Members with overdue books may not be allowed to check out more books until the overdue books are returned.

How do I check out the books?

* Inside each resource is a card asking for your name, telephone number and the date of the meeting. You fill this card out and give it either Michele (also an elumca librarian) or me (Laura). If there is no card inside (sometimes they fall out) we'll gladly make another for you or help you make one. Remember our six resource limit.
* If you need help finding a resource, just ask Laura or Michele or some of the other long-time faculty members. All of us are GLAD to help you find just the right resource.

How do I return the books?

* Please write your name on the LIBRARY SIGN IN SHEETS as well as a brief title for each book you are returning. This list is double checked if I find your card indicating your book is late. Its your proof that the resource was returned.
* Please don't just drop the books off and leave without signing in. We look at the sign in sheet when re-carding the books so that we can go MUCH faster at re-carding and returning books to the shelves.
* If you have forgotten your books please talk to me (Laura). I then draw out your card and note that I've talked to you.
*  If you cannot return resources on time, you may call Laura or Beth to arrange to return resources. If you return books to us at ANYTIME OTHER THAN THE MEETING its BEST to put the books in a bag and place your name and a list of the books IN the bag so that we know who has returned their resources.

Library items in teacher resources for homeschooling parentshomeschooling resources are included in our library                       homeschooling library resources are due at each meeting