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College Prepatory Tips:   What do parents need to know about schooling the college bound student?
The following information is to the best of our knowledge and current as of September 2014. Parents need to speak with college admissions officers for specific information regarding specific schools.

  High school courses for college admissions

* * Most colleges and universities suggest that students have four years each of science, math, English and social studies (including American History, World History and a civics or government class). Two years of a foreign language is an excellent idea.

The following is a suggested schedule for high school:

Freshman year: Biology I, Geometry, English 9, World Geography, P.E., plus a fine art elective and possibly one more elective.
Sophomore year: Chemistry I, Algebra II, English 10, World History, foreign language and possibly one more elective.
Junior year: Biology II or Chemistry II or physics, English 11, Pre-calculus, U.S. history, foreign language and possibly one more elective.
Senior year: English 12 and a senior thesis paper, Calculus, Biology II or Chemistry II or physics, economics or government and two more electives.
Some items to consider:
** Some students cover Algebra I in their freshman year and end with Pre-calculus. You should check with the admissions officer at the university or college your student plans to attend for further information on mathematics and science requirements.

The basic graduation requirements for Alabama are found here: http://www.alsde.edu/sec/sct/Graduation%20Information/ALABAMA%20HIGH%20SCHOOL%20GRADUATION%20REQUIREMENTS.pdf Following the basic guidelines might not provide enough required coursework for competetive schools and for scholarships. Its always best to know for certain what is suggested at the university or college you student plans to attend.

Other Considerations for College Prep
***** Students should be well versed in:
          -writing a five paragraph thesis quickly

          -writing a five page (or more) paper

          -preparing and presenting a presentation or project

          -word processing, power point presentations, MS excel

          -using primary resources for creating projects and presentations and for arguing a point

          -organization and study skills (sticking to a schedule and calendar, using a notebook, taking clear and consice notes)

          -approaching professors for help and interacting with educators

          - get used to timed tests and learn to write quickly.

*****AP tests with a score of 3 or better is suggested to be competetive for scholarships

*****Volunteer opportunities in high school provide real-world experience and are highly recommended for scholarship opportunities. Volunteerism can establish leadership skills. Community outreach and service and leadership are considered for scholarships and for admissions at some competetive schools.

*****Online MOOCS such as can be found at Udacity, Coursera, edX provide opportunities for further education as well as scholarship opportunities

***** https://www.khanacademy.org Is an excellent site for video tutoring and establishing curriculum choices. We highly recommend you have a look at the site and see how it can help your child.