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Links to books for getting started:

Getting Started With our Group

  Homeschooling is not simply a choice to school at home. Homeschooling is a lifestyle where parents look for teachable moments through their child’s day, recognizing opportunities outside of textbooks and worksheets for learning. Students are not the only learners in this dynamic; parents need to recognize that it is crucial that they grow in knowledge with their students.

The first step towards homeschooling, then, is to visit the library and bookstore and read several resources about homeschooling, learning styles, types of curriculum, organization and record keeping, etc….

For our group, once you determine how you are going to go about homeschooling your child, you’ll need to meet with Asbury Academy’s director to do paperwork for your child’s file, transcript requests, and obtain further information about our group. Please email Laura McKenzie at asburyacademy@gmail.com to set up a day and time to meet.

Before you meet with Laura, you should read our member’s manual. While the name on the manual hasn’t been updated to reflect our new name, the information contained in the manual is current.

You can find that manual here: Member Manual